Meghan Markle doesn’t learn from her ‘mistakes’ and ‘blames others for her missteps’, expert claims

Meghan Markle doesn’t learn from her ‘mistakes’ and ‘blames others for her missteps’, expert claims 1
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Lady Colin Campbell has unleashed a scathing critique of Meghan Markle, asserting that the Duchess shows no signs of remorse or learning from her past actions. Over the past four years, Meghan’s public image, especially in the UK, has taken a nosedive amidst her outspoken criticisms of the Royal Family.

In an interview on GB News America, Lady Colin Campbell expressed her belief that Meghan is failing to acknowledge her mistakes and instead blames others for her missteps. According to Lady C, Meghan is reportedly feeling intense frustration as her endeavors consistently fail to meet expectations, contrasting with the success of Catherine, Princess of Wales.

Lady Colin Campbell highlighted Meghan’s unrealistic expectations upon entering the Royal Family: “Meghan came into the Royal Family with the expectation that she’d be able to milk them as if they were the fatted calf and that she was going to be able to end up having a billionaire lifestyle.”

Speaking of Meghan, she added: “She has a billionaire lifestyle without the money. They’re quickly running into serious problems financially.”

Despite her attempts to capitalize on her royal status, Meghan’s business ventures have faced setbacks.

The expert lamented Meghan’s apparent inability to learn from her experiences, suggesting that if she were able to overcome her flaws, she could have been immensely popular. Lady Colin Campbell believes that Meghan’s refusal to adapt is hindering her potential success.

Recently, Meghan Markle launched her brand American Riviera Orchard, showcasing her culinary skills in a charming floral kitchen. Her new brand offers jams and much more, aligning with her upcoming show on Netflix.

Megyn Kelly, a well-known American host and commentator, criticized this ‘brand’ on the Australian television channel Sky News. She heavily doubts Meghan’s qualifications compared to the authentic culinary experience of Martha Stewart and referred to her “brand” as a scam.

Earlier, the brand, promising to reflect Meghan’s love for family cooking, entertainment, and home decor, had already faced criticism from royal expert Tom Bower.

The expert believes the entire “brand” is a blatant speculation on her royal status, despite Harry and Meghan previously promising the late Queen that they wouldn’t commercialize their royal titles.