Prince Harry explained why he did not tell the whole ‘truth’ about his brother and father

Prince Harry explained why he did not tell the whole 'truth' about his brother and father 1

Prince Harry definitely did not have enough of this torrent of accusations that he brought down on the heads of his Royal Family members in his memoirs published last week. After the book appeared on the shelves of bookstores, he began giving interviews — one after another. And in them, he not only does not try to soften the statements that he has already made in his memoirs but, on the contrary, continues to attack his family. That’s exactly what he did during an interview he gave to The Telegraph.

The Prince announced that in fact, he had made public less than half of the “compromising material” he had on his relatives. According to Harry, the original version of his book, which has about 400 pages, was twice as large. It was over 800 pages long.

Moreover, in the remaining unpublished material there were many stories about his brother and father, which, according to the Prince, could seriously damage their reputation. According to Harry, “he can tell a lot more of this,” People reports.

Why didn’t he publish everything? The Prince said that then his father and brother would never forgive him. However, many found this explanation completely unconvincing. After all, even after everything that Harry managed to say in his book, it is very doubtful that King Charles III and Prince William could forgive him for it.

Most likely, according to fans of the Royal Family, he was just afraid to escalate the conflict further. So far, the Royal Family has remained silent about Harry’s book, but if he goes too far, he will almost certainly be sued for libel. This is why he left the most “explosive” of his stories unpublished.

Among other things, during this interview, the Prince puzzled the interviewer with a new statement. Although listening to the interview and reading Harry’s book, it is difficult not to come to the conclusion that the Prince set out to crush the monarchy in Britain as such, he declared that this was not the case.

According to the Prince, he is only trying to “help” his family, “saving them from themselves.” And this is what the Prince considers the main mission of his life.

Note that so far the effect of Harry’s book has turned out to be exactly the opposite of what one would expect. According to all polls, the popularity of the family members of the late Queen Elizabeth has increased dramatically. Even those Britons who are not supporters of the monarchy have lost sympathy for the Prince. And sales of his book in Britain are just catastrophically low.