Photos of Tom Cruise’s abandoned daughter surfaced online

Photos of Tom Cruise's abandoned daughter surfaced online 1

Recently, fans of Katie Holmes received a “gift” – were published new photos of her 15-year-old daughter Suri, taken by paparazzi. The actress’ daughter was photographed walking her cute little fluffy dog. Suri was dressed in a plain olive-colored down jacket, dark jeans, and sneakers. The photos were published in the Hollywood Life special edition.

Photos of Tom Cruise's abandoned daughter surfaced online 3

In fact, photos of the actress’ daughter, who she gave birth to buy her ex-husband Tom Cruise, are not that rare: Suri is often seen on the streets of New York. But for the last year, she has appeared everywhere exclusively in a mask. It was only now that everyone got a chance to finally see her face and see how Katy’s daughter has looked in the time that has flown by since her old photos. And if before it seemed that Suri had inherited her father’s looks, the further she went, the more she looked like her mother.

Photos of Tom Cruise's abandoned daughter surfaced online 5

Besides, it was impossible not to notice that Suri looked all grown up. This is not surprising, because she’ll be 16 in April of this year. And for the past 10 years of her life, she hasn’t seen her father. Suri was born in the spring of 2006 when it seemed that things were going well in the marriage between Katy and Tom. However, in 2012, the couple divorced. After that, Scientology consultants, without whom Cruise can not set foot and announced Cathy and her daughter, who rejected the cult, “persona non grata. And Tom, taking their side, actually disowned his daughter.

But Cruise is often seen with his oldest children – Bella and Connor, adopted by him in his previous, second marriage to Nicole Kidman. Note that the honor of communicating with their famous father, they apparently received because, unlike Suri, became supporters of Scientology. But Bella and Connor were forced to cut off almost all contacts with Kidman – because she, like Suri, could not accept the religion of Cruise.