The aging Elizabeth II is no longer able to cope with her duties

The aging Elizabeth II is no longer able to cope with her duties 1

Fans of the British royal family learned the news that upset them. It became known that Queen Elizabeth has actually decided to gradually withdraw from the affairs and transfer her duties to Prince Charles. Reportedly, on the advice of doctors, her schedule will be revised so that it remains only the most unburden some for the monarchy. Which has sent a clear message to many that Elizabeth is no longer able to cope with her duties. And it means that, despite the cheerful assurances of the palace, in fact, the queen is not feeling well. This was reported by

In another sign that the Queen is already very weak, she was forced to refuse to attend a Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey today. At this event, it was announced, Elizabeth will be officially represented by Prince Charles. As far as is known, doctors have concluded that it will be difficult for Elizabeth to endure first the move from Windsor to London and then the service itself. Worse still, for the same reason, she is likely to miss another event that she would never have ignored of her own free will. We’re talking about the memorial service for the Queen’s husband Prince Philip, who passed away last year, at the end of this month. And that’s a worrying thing.

Rumors that Elizabeth is growing weaker before her eyes began to circulate last fall when she first appeared in public leaning on a cane. During a recent audience, Elisabeth confessed to her guest that she was already moving with great difficulty. Rumors of serious health problems flared up again after the Queen’s sudden mysterious hospitalization, the reason for which has not been explained. And after it was revealed that the queen had contracted the coronavirus, there was even a panic rumor that she had allegedly died. However, the message about the death of the queen was false, she coped with the virus. But as you can see, Elizabeth’s health has not recovered to the end.