Prince Harry imposed unfeasible conditions for visiting his grandfather’s grave

Prince Harry imposed unfeasible conditions for visiting his grandfather's grave 1

Prince Harry has refused to attend a memorial service on the anniversary of the death of his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, to be held at Westminster Abbey on March 29.

Royal biographer Angela Levin found this to be “disrespectful” not only to Prince Philip’s memory but also to Queen Elizabeth herself.

The Duke of Sussex himself claimed earlier that he would not feel safe in Britain now that he had been stripped of his tireless police protection after his royal duties were removed.

“He’s got it all wrong. If he comes to a royal event, he gets police protection”, – Ms. Levine told The Sun.

But if Harry wants to go out with friends to bars, he will no longer be protected at taxpayer expense, she explained. But he may well hire personal bodyguards if he is so afraid for themselves.

It is possible that the prince will not appear on the anniversary of the reign of Elizabeth II for the same reason, although he promises to visit his grandmother “as soon as possible. The queen recently expressed a desire to see her granddaughter Lilibeth, who was named after her.

In this case, Harry is acting like a real egoist, thinking only of himself.

“He keeps saying ‘me, me, me’ instead of showing concern for his grandmother. He acts like a cranky child who stomps and stomps his feet”, – Sky News quoted the royal expert as saying.