Norwegian princess Martha Louise may be stripped of her legal title

Norwegian princess Martha Louise may be stripped of her legal title 1

Martha Louise, the only daughter of King Harald V of Norway and his wife Queen Sonja, who once enjoyed the love of her compatriots, has now turned into a completely odious figure for them. And all because she chose a completely unsuitable person as a life partner. And now a real storm of indignation is raging in the Norwegian media, directed against her and her fiance. Moreover, the Norwegians demand that Martha Louise be stripped of her birthright title. This was reported by the publication

In fact, the princess has long been testing the patience of both her parents and the king’s subjects. The fact is that she has been dating a man for more than three years, the least appropriate in the status of a boyfriend, and even more so the groom of the king’s daughter. Martha Louise managed to fall in love with a dark-skinned American shaman and healer of dubious reputation – Durek Verrett. The scandal began back in 2019 when Martha Louise first introduced her beloved as her official boyfriend.

Later, the princess caused a new wave of outrage by going on a tour of America with Durek, which she and her boyfriend called “The Shaman and the Princess”. After that, the shocked and outraged king once and for all forbade the use of his title in cooperation with Verrett. And last summer, Martha Louise made a new step that caused a scandal. She announced her engagement to Durek.

However, the last straw that exhausted the patience of both the king and his subjects was the new commercial venture of Durek and the princess. The fact is that they have established the production and sale of medallions “charged” with Verrett, which allegedly radically cures Covid. This venture was already considered a clear fraud, and Martha Louise’s participation in it caused a flurry of demands to deprive her of her right to the title. According to public opinion polls, more than half of the inhabitants of Norway are in favor of this. And now the Royal Family will simply be forced to take such a step.

As Crown Prince Haakon, the king’s son, brother of Martha Louise, and heir to the throne said the other day, the issue of depriving the princess of the title is being discussed within the Royal Family and a decision will be made soon. As Haakon noted, he personally has nothing against Durek, but the prince is forced to think about the prestige of the monarchy and its future fate.