David Beckham decided to sue a Fitness Company ‘F45’

David Beckham decided to sue a Fitness Company 'F45' 1

47-year-old David Beckham, who had not previously been seen in love with court showdowns, filed a lawsuit against a network of fitness clubs. It seems that the famous football player has exhausted his entire reserve of patience in anticipation of receiving legitimate income and is now going to finally get the money due to him. However, some of Beckham’s detractors saw this as a sign that David’s own business is going through hard times. Otherwise, he would hardly have gotten involved in court cases.

As the publication reports The Blast, a retired football player has started a lawsuit with F45, a fitness network promoting a new training system. The fact is that Beckham signed a contract with them back in 2021, according to which he was supposed to receive $1.5 million over a five-year period, plus deductions from the company’s annual revenue. However, he did not receive the expected amount. And now, teaming up with golfer Greg Norman, David demands to pay them both $20 million. The fact is that the athletes participated in an advertising campaign of the brand, designed to make the network one of the largest in the world in its niche. However, despite the fact that cooperation with world stars clearly successfully influenced the results of F45, the obligations to David and Greg were not fulfilled.

As an excuse for such behavior, the management of the network called the difficult economic situation in the world. However, famous athletes were not satisfied with this explanation. Apparently, they are very determined. To the lawsuit against the fitness center chain, they attached photos proving that they had done their job – including pictures borrowed from social networks taken during Beckham’s F45 workouts.