Meghan Markle and Harry «sold their souls» and are in a desperate situation

Meghan Markle and Harry «sold their souls» and are in a desperate situation 1

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry found themselves in a difficult situation, and they can only blame themselves for this. In an effort to earn more money, they signed several contracts for a huge amount of money — for the release of Harry’s memoirs and the creation of a reality show about themselves. And now, after they have received the advances and spent them, they have to pay for what fans of the British royal family call a “sold their souls”. When the Prince and Duchess realized what had happened in practice from their venture and what the consequences might be, they wanted to cancel everything or at least make changes to the memoirs and the film that had already been submitted to the printing house, but it turned out that this was impossible.

According to Us Weekly journalist Christina Garibaldi, Harry and Meghan officially turned to Netflix, with whom they signed a contract to create a reality show with a request to make changes to the resulting product shown to them. This is reported by However, the Prince and Duchess received a decisive refusal. At the same time, Harry could not get the right to amend his memoirs from the Penguin Random House publishing house.

Why exactly Harry and Meghan suddenly wanted to change everything, they have not officially reported it. However, as far as we know, their desire to correct both the book and the reality show is connected with the changed situation. The fact is that while the series was being filmed and the memoirs were being created, an event occurred that required a revision of everything that had already been done. We are talking about the fact that Elizabeth passed away in September of this year, and her place on the throne is now occupied by King Charles. After all, if the queen was known for her tolerance of the antics of Harry and Meghan and the fact that she considered it a matter of principle to ignore all the critical attacks of the Prince and the Duchess, then the king is not so peaceful. And if there are allegations in the material of the book or in the film that he considers slander, they will inevitably be brought to court. Not to mention that if the falsity of their claims is proven, their reputation will come to an end. They will finally cease to be believed, and then they will lose their only source of income — after all, they earn their living almost exclusively with their “tales” about the Royal Family.

Worse, as it turned out, the very publication of the book and the reality show, it seems, will deal a crushing blow to their already tarnished reputation as allegedly truthful storytellers. It is unclear what Harry was thinking when he wrote his book because as it turned out, much in his memoirs directly contradicts what he and his wife Meghan later told in the framework of the TV show. And both publishers and representatives of Netflix have already expressed their claims to the Prince and the Duchess about this.