John Lennon’s last letter went under the hammer for a record price

John Lennon's last letter went under the hammer for a record price 1

In an auction held the day before by the auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll, the last letter of Beatles leader John Lennon, composed hours before his death, was sold.

An unknown buyer purchased the last letter with the musician’s personal signature for $63,750. Initially, it was assumed that the value of the lot would not exceed $50 thousand, but on the last day of the auction, the number of potential buyers increased, which caused the price increase, TMZ reports.

Lennon’s last letter is addressed to his accountant Barry Nichols. In it, the musician names three proxies to vote on his behalf at the annual meeting of the Beatles Corporation, scheduled in nine days in London. He himself was in New York at the time and was not going to personally attend the event.

A few hours later, Lennon will receive a fatal wound on the doorstep of his house, returning late at night with his wife Yoko Ono from the recording studio. 25 minutes after the incident, the doctors could only state the death of the star from blood loss.

But the killer of the legendary musician is still alive. Moreover, 67-year-old Mark Chapman has already filed his twelfth application for parole. And on September 13 of this year, I received another refusal. Only 40 years after the tragedy, the fan apologized to the widow, admitting that the reason for the murder was a thirst for fame.