More than 50% of Britons believe that Prince Harry should be deprived of his inheritance rights — poll results

More than 50% of Britons believe that Prince Harry should be deprived of his inheritance rights — poll results 1

Prince Harry is reaping the consequences of his actions over the past year. The Duke of Sussex, who during this time allowed himself to level a series of new accusations against members of the Royal Family, apparently hoped that the patience of his fellow countrymen-the Britons, was boundless. However, he miscalculated… This was reported by the publication

As revealed by a poll by Deltapoll, more than 50% of Britons are convinced that Prince Harry should be stripped of his right to inheritance. Only a quarter of the country’s citizens consider such a measure premature.

Moreover, as noted recently by the Royal expert Richard Eden, the question of depriving Harry of his place in the line of succession holds significance far beyond symbolism.

The Prince ranks fifth in line to the throne, following Prince William and his three children—George, Charlotte, and Louis. And it only seems that he is very far from the possibility of taking the throne. Because if God forbid, anything were to happen to the entire family of the elder Prince, it will be Harry who becomes the King.

It’s worth noting that William’s younger brother has already suffered a blow to his self-esteem recently. While he hasn’t lost his place in the line of succession, he has lost his entitlement to his title.

In reality, the late Queen Elizabeth II prohibited him from officially using his title “Your Royal Highness” back in early 2020 when the Prince, together with Meghan, announced their departure from the Royal Family. But until recently, he was still listed under this title on the official website of the British monarchs. However, quite recently, as we have already written, his title was removed from there and now Harry will bear the title of Duke.

Moreover, the danger now threatens not only the Prince himself but also his wife and children. 52% of those surveyed by the Deltapoll agency stated that they believe it’s appropriate to strip Meghan of The Duchess of Sussex granted to her by Elizabeth II, and that Archie and Lilibet should not have the right to be called Prince and Princess.