Meghan Markle Poised for Instagram Comeback with Potential $1M for Each Post

Meghan Markle Poised for Instagram Comeback with Potential $1M for Each Post 1

Meghan Markle is reportedly gearing up for a return to the world of social media, specifically Instagram. Insiders suggest she could rake in up to a million dollars for each post, reported by Daily Mail.

Having previously garnered an astonishing 9.4 million followers through her joint account with Prince Harry, the @sussexroyal handle, the Duchess bowed out of the platform in 2020 following their departure from royal duties. Now, she is preparing to unfurl her personal account under the moniker @meghan.

Embellished with an image of her cherished pink peonies, this account is said to have drawn followers from Meghan’s inner circle, including Mandana Dayani, a former president of Archewell, the media and philanthropic endeavor of the Sussexes. A source closely aligned with her team confirmed, “Yes, that’s her. Brace for an imminent announcement. She’s making her comeback.”

Before her union with Prince Harry, Meghan’s personal Instagram had already cultivated a following surpassing three million.

During an interview with The Cut last year, Meghan playfully hinted at her impending Instagram revival, revealing, “Want to know a secret? I’m making a comeback on Instagram.”

With 76,000 followers already enlisted, discussions about potential financial gains are rife. Renowned social media authority Eric Schiffer, who counsels Hollywood luminaries and prominent figures, envisions Meghan ascending rapidly among “the echelons of Instagram influencers”.

Marketing expert Kent Moore, well-versed in collaborating with influential personalities, highlights Meghan’s distinct fusion of celebrity, acting acumen, and regal status.

Moore speculates that she could effortlessly demand a baseline of one million dollars per post, with potential deals breaching the twelve to twenty million dollar threshold for extended campaigns.

Reports suggest that Meghan initially secured the @meghan handle for the launch of her Spotify podcast, indicating her sustained connection to the platform. Her track record as a fashion influencer, catalyzing sold-out ensembles and accessories, further solidifies her ability to mold consumer trends.

An instance of her wrist adorned with an anti-stress patch triggered a notable surge in sales for NuCalm.