Meghan and Harry criticized for ‘hinting’ that they are not opposed to spending Xmas with the Royals

Meghan and Harry criticized for ‘hinting’ that they are not opposed to spending Xmas with the Royals 1
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Reports that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are open to spending Christmas with the Royal Family have sparked criticism due to how was presented. Daily Mail Diary editor Richard Eden denounced the manner in which this possibility was disclosed, labeling it as “pathetic” and drawing a comparison to a hesitant attendee at a school dance using a friend to convey interest. Reported by The Daily Express.

The contentious issue revolves around the indirect communication of this desire, as it wasn’t directly conveyed by Harry and Meghan but rather attributed to sources close to them.

Eden expressed his discontent, highlighting the reliance on secondary sources stating, “We’re not hearing directly from Harry and Meghan”.

During a segment of Palace Confidential, Eden emphasized the customary approach, suggesting that a straightforward invitation or inquiry would have been more appropriate than the indirect route taken.

However, Eden had previously raised concerns about the swift leakage of private conversations to the media.

He questioned how various media outlets gained access to privileged information, citing instances such as the BBC’s advance knowledge of Prince Harry’s call to his father and the Daily Telegraph’s insights into the conversation’s content.

In light of these leaks, Eden cautioned that the rapid disclosure of private discussions might serve as a deterrent for future invitations or engagements between the parties involved.

As recently known, this year’s Sandringham Christmas plans for the Royal Family are notably different after Queen Elizabeth’s passing. The official guest list leaked on Harry and Meghan were not invited.

King Charles III and Queen Camilla keep the morning church visit tradition but are shaking up the lunch guest list, including more of Camilla’s family.

Due to a larger event, the dining area had to be moved to the larger ballroom of Sandringham House – Prince Harry and Meghan will definitely not be there.

A friend of Prince William’s told The Daily Beast: “Would you want to sit down for a slap-up Christmas lunch with someone who had basically called you an asshole in public?”

Harry and Meghan’s invitation in the future will depend on King Charles’s willingness to reconcile with his younger son and daughter-in-law.