Johnny Depp has an affair with a married woman

Johnny Depp has an affair with a married woman 1

Since Johnny Depp divorced 2016 his only legal wife Amber Heard to date, his personal life has not been too active. He simply had no time for novels, because all this time he was fighting in the courts to restore his reputation, which, as he claimed, was ruined by Amber, who accused him of systematic beatings.

So his only love story known to the public was a not-too-long affair with the dancer Polina Glen, which happened in 2019. However, there were rumors that Johnny met with his lawyer Camille Vasquez, who represented him in the last lawsuit, which ended with the actor’s victory.

However, it turned out that it was just gossip: Vasquez had a boyfriend, and it wasn’t Depp at all.

As reported by Daily Mail, Depp has really started an affair, and quite serious. Depp is dating lawyer Joelle Rich, and this love story has been going on for quite some time. According to the insider, Johnny has been in a romantic relationship with Joelle for at least two years. However, until recently, Johnny tried to hide his love.

Johnny Depp has an affair with a married woman 3

As it turned out, it all started as an office romance. Depp and Rich met in 2020 while preparing for the first trial against Heard, which took place in Britain. Joelle was part of his legal team at the time. Johnny was then defeated in court, but this did not alienate him from Rich, who could not help him in restoring his reputation. Since then, the actor has been secretly dating Joelle — until he began appearing with her in public this year.

When Rich appeared with Depp for the first time in a courtroom in Virginia, where the second trial against Heard was unfolding, everyone thought at first that she had become a member of his legal team again. But it turned out that she was present for personal reasons — to support her beloved. From that moment on, he began to appear with her in public more often — for example, they were seen together several times in restaurants. Moreover, according to gossip, she lived with him in the same hotel room in Virginia.

Johnny Depp has an affair with a married woman 5

There would be nothing special in all this if not a single piquant detail. When their affair began, Joelle was married. She became the legal wife of financier Jonathan Rich in 2014, and since then they have lived peacefully together, raising two children together. However, when she met Depp, Mrs. Rich filed for divorce, which, by the way, has not been finalized yet.