Who will get the collection of jewelry of the late Elizabeth II?

Who will get the collection of jewelry of the late Elizabeth II? 1

The collection of jewels of the late Elizabeth II is one of the unique in the world. And now, after the death of the Queen, many are wondering who will get all this splendor. As the experts explained, the Queen’s jewelry heritage will be divided into parts. This, according to the expert, was told by the publication Express.co.uk.

First, it should be made clear: the collection consists of two unequal parts. Most of it belongs to the crown. But about 300 pieces of jewelry, which include, particular, 98 brooches and 46 necklaces, were owned by the queen herself.

The first, the lion’s part of the jewelry, was inherited by her son, the current King Charles III. According to British law, the property of the crown passes to the new monarch. As for the collection of jewelry that was on Elizabeth’s personal property, they will be distributed among her family members.

It has not yet been announced which jewels will go to whom. However, it is obvious that all family members will receive gifts from Elizabeth according to her will. First, we are talking, of course, about Queen Consort Camilla, Princess Kate of Wales, as well as Countess Sophie of Wessex, the wife of the queen’s youngest son, with whom the late Elizabeth was very close.

Not everything is simple with the inheritance of Elizabeth’s real estate. Thus, King Charles automatically took possession of Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, which are considered the property of the crown. But, for example, things are different with Balmoral Castle. Since it was the Queen’s private property, she could decide for herself who would get it after her death. And to whom her beloved estate will go, it will become clear only from the will.