Jennifer Lopez spoke out after engagement rumors

Jennifer Lopez spoke out after engagement rumors 1

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship, which resumed twenty years later, is slowly but surely moving toward its logical conclusion. Ben finally proposed to his beloved, putting a ring with a gorgeous emerald on her finger.

At first, there were pictures of Jennifer with the ring on her finger, and then the star started to confess, saying that everyone had already guessed about it. She admitted to being “very excited about the news.”

“We’re older, smarter, more experienced. We do different things, we have children. We should be very attentive to all aspects of life. It’s such a great time for everybody. It’s not at all like it was years ago. We appreciate each other more. Getting a second chance to be around the person we love is a rare opportunity. And we don’t take it for granted.”

  • E News quoted the 52-year-old celebrity’s revelation.

Ben Affleck agrees with his beloved that the separation has taught them many things. Including being more restrained and secretive in showing their feelings in public.

“I don’t want to tell everybody about our relationship. I feel more comfortable when my feelings know only those closest to me”,

  • Nevertheless, the actor talks about the great feelings that allowed him to return to the woman of his life, from whom he ran away just before his wedding two decades ago, considering that she suppresses him.
Jennifer Lopez spoke out after engagement rumors 3

Previously, the couple had already bought a luxury mansion to live in together, with enough space for themselves and their five children who have appeared in other relationships while Jay and Ben were proving to themselves and everyone around them how good they are without each other. No word yet on when the couple is planning their wedding.