Police launch investigation into Ronaldo smashing fan’s phone

Police launch investigation into Ronaldo smashing fan's phone 1

Police have launched an investigation into English Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo, who smashed a fan’s phone. It was reported by the Daily Mail.

Law enforcement authorities confirmed that the incident took place after the match in the 31st round of the English Premier League between Everton and Manchester United. The police promised to question all the participants in the incident.

The incident occurred on April 9. After the match against Everton, leaving the field to the backroom, Ronaldo knocked the phone out of the hands of a fan. Afterward, the footballer apologized and said he was upset by the 0-1 defeat of his team. He invited the fan to watch the match at Old Trafford Stadium.

Ronaldo transferred from Juventus Turin to MU in August 2021. The Portuguese are a five-time Ballon d’Or winner and five-time Champions League winner.