It became known what outfit Kate Middleton does not part with when she travels

It became known what outfit Kate Middleton does not part with when she travels 1

Kate Middleton, long recognized in Britain as a “style icon”, almost always pleases her fans with how she looks when appearing in public. At the same time, thrifty Kate, once “walking” another dress, does not throw it away. And in many of her former outfits, Kate is seen again sooner or later. This, by the way, is quite in the spirit of the times, that is, a trend that requires everyone, including stars, to save resources and materials. But Kate would never part with one outfit on trips, even if she wanted to…

And it’s not about her love for the outfit at all, it’s about demanding royal protocol. About this the publication Page Six reported.

According to the royal history expert Jessica Storoschuk, Kate is obliged, wherever she goes, to have a set of mourning clothes with her – in case any of the members of the Royal Family suddenly leaves this world.

It became known what outfit Kate Middleton does not part with when she travels 3

This tradition was founded by the late Queen Elizabeth, who at one time got into an awkward situation due to her lack of black clothes with her. This happened back in 1952, when her father George VI unexpectedly died, who was still not an old man at that time – he managed to celebrate his entire only 56th birthday. It so happened that he passed away when His daughter Elizabeth was outside of Britain: she then went with her husband, Prince Philip, on an official tour to Kenya. The sad news caught her in Africa, and when she hurriedly flew home, the future Queen had to sit on the plane at the airfield for a long time – until suitable mourning clothes were procured and delivered for her.

Since then, all members of the Royal Family have been required to always carry the appropriate vestments. This is especially true for foreign voyages, one of which William and Kate will have to go on this week. Spouses should visit the USA, more precisely Boston, where the Prince will present the Environmental Prize. And, of course, Kate will certainly take the right outfit on this trip. And, of course, on this trip, Kate is sure to take the proper outfit.

Note that fans had high hopes for this trip William and his wife to America. After all, around the same time, Prince Harry and Meghan were planning a visit to New York to receive an award awarded to them by the Kennedy Foundation for “opposing racism.” And everyone hoped that the two couples would certainly meet, and finally, a reconciliation would take place after the quarrel that split the Royal Family. To the disappointment of fans, as it became known, the program of Kate and William’s visit to America does not include a meeting with Meghan and Harry.