Irina Shayk has dramatically lost weight

Irina Shayk has dramatically lost weight 1

For one of the pictures, which particularly upset her fans, Shayk posed in a T-shirt and blue jeans. The photo turned out quite stylish, but fans of the model could not help but notice that the low-rise jeans are literally falling off her, so they became too big for her.

Since Irina has repeatedly admitted in the past that she hates diets and is not going to bring herself to total exhaustion for anyone’s pleasure, Shayk’s followers suspected that the weight loss may be due to health problems. Another argument in favor of this assumption was the fact that Irina did not appear at the Paris Fashion Week show, where she was supposed to attend. It is quite possible that she had to skip everything due to poor health.

Irina Shayk has dramatically lost weight 3

Reporters have not yet been able to find out what exactly Irina’s condition might be connected with. She had never allowed herself to talk about her medical problems. She is known not to like to talk about her personal life. That is why she very rarely shares information even about what has always been of such interest to the public. She is often asked in her interviews to tell more about her little daughter Leah, whom she gave birth to her ex-boyfriend Bradley Cooper. However, Shayk always gets off with only the most general phrases, defending her right to privacy. Recall, Irina was actually Cooper’s common-law wife for more than four years, from 2015 to 2019. And she gave birth to Leia in March 2017. However, amid persistent rumors of Bradley’s affair with Lady Gaga, she chose to leave her boyfriend.