Katy Perry about to become a mom again?

Katy Perry about to become a mom again? 1

37-year-old Katy Perry is expecting her second child – fans of the singer are convinced of this. The first suspicions on the subject arose some time ago, and after her recent concert, most of Katy’s fans came to this conclusion. This was reported by hellomagazne.com.

It all started with the fact that back in February when Katy appeared at an event in Los Angeles in a tight black leather suit, some of her fans noticed – the singer’s belly did not look as flat as before. And after Perry took the stage the other day during her Las Vegas concert, fans were convinced that the singer was indeed pregnant. The thing is that during the show Katy involuntarily pressed her hand to her belly – a gesture typical for women “in the position”. It seemed to everybody that her face became softer, and her look seemed to be directed inwards.

The singer herself has not confirmed, but also not denied that she is expecting a baby. However, the first time Katy was expecting a daughter Daisy from her boyfriend – Orlando Bloom, she also hid her pregnancy. And she admitted to becoming a mom only when she had a pretty solid belly. Katy revealed her secret with the musical video Never Worn White. At the end of the song, she turned to the audience sideways and thus showed changes in her figure.

Recall, Perry gave birth to Daisy in August 2020. Back then, the 37-year-old singer wrote on her social media page that she and Orlando were “floating in clouds of love.” And a little later, the singer revealed that Bloom, 34, had turned out to be just the perfect father – he’d taken on a noticeable share of childcare. So after just a couple of months, Katy was able to return to her work on the TV show American Idol.