Opinion | Donald Trump can save himself from prison if he wins the elections

Opinion | Donald Trump can save himself from prison if he wins the elections 1

According to former US federal prosecutor Ankush Khardori, there is a possibility that former President Donald Trump might face imprisonment, but he could potentially pardon himself if he were to win another presidential election. Khardori shared this information in an article for Politico.

If Trump were reelected as US President, he would possess the authority to pardon himself, irrespective of the ongoing legal investigations, as stated by the author of the article.

Additionally, the former President would have the ability to direct his attorney general to drop all criminal cases and close investigations involving himself or his associates. This power remains intact even if Trump does not have a Senate-approved attorney general, as he holds the authority to dismiss any acting attorney general until he finds someone who aligns with his interests, as explained by Khardori.

According to the author of the publication, federal prosecutors made a deliberate choice to provide excessive details in the indictment against Trump for mishandling classified documents. Their intention was to convey a strong message to the American public about the gravity of Trump’s actions.

A former federal prosecutor in the United States highlights that the indictment presents a comprehensive list of charges, aimed at illustrating Trump’s irresponsible treatment of the secret documents, such as keeping them in the toilet, as well as his efforts to obstruct federal investigators.

Khardori further suggests that Trump’s best and simplest defense strategy would be to continue participating in elections and secure victory. However, even setting a trial date, which would typically be a straightforward process in an ordinary criminal case, could become complicated due to the political calendar while Donald Trump remains actively involved in the race.