Brad Pitt commented on Jolie’s accusations against him

Brad Pitt commented on Jolie's accusations against him 1

Brad Pitt has responded to Angelina Jolie’s accusations made by her in a new lawsuit filed in court. The actor did this through his lawyer Ann Kylie. As she officially stated on behalf of her client, Brad “has already taken responsibility for everything he has done in the past, unlike the opposite party – that is, Jolie. However, the actor is not going to plead guilty to something he never did. And will continue to defend his honor in court. This statement was published, in particular, on

The point is that Jolie has now directly accused Pitt of using physical violence not only against herself but also against children. She said that during the ill-fated quarrel on the plane in 2016, Brad allegedly attacked one of their common children and began to strangle him. And then he hit the other in the face. And all this is due to the fact that the children stood up for the mother, whom he allegedly attacked.

In fact, Angelina acted cunningly. After all, if she now filed a new separate lawsuit against her ex-spouse about what happened more than 6 years ago, it would look strange. The question would arise why she was silent for so long and, moreover, left the children alone with Brad if she thought he was capable of harming them. And now she has included these accusations in her lawsuit against her ex-husband, in which she is trying to defend the sale of her share of their once common property — the French Chateau Miraval estate.

The actress said that she allegedly did not want to talk about Pitt’s behavior towards children, but now she had to do it to show what a terrible person he is, together with whom it is impossible to do even business. And that, as if trying to protest the sale of Chateau Miraval, Pitt is only trying to keep this estate under his dictatorial control and deprive her of her legitimate income.

Note that the charges against Pitt look very serious. And, although the actor’s fans did not believe in Jolie’s truthfulness for a single minute, she can win the court. After all, it is unlikely that the actress would have decided on such a step if she had not enlisted the support of at least some children in advance. And since there have been rumors for a long time that she has been persistently setting all six of them against her father all these years, perhaps she succeeded. If at least one of the children confirms her accusations in court, Pitt may not only lose the lawsuit over but also end up in prison.