The new official portrait of the Royal Family has attracted a lot of attention…

The new official portrait of the Royal Family has attracted a lot of attention... 1

The British royal family, which has completed the period of mourning for Queen Elizabeth, who died on September 8 at her Scottish estate, has published a new official portrait for the first time recently. This shot was taken during a large official reception for the heads of foreign countries who arrived in Britain to honor the memory of Elizabeth II.

This reception took place on the eve of the Queen’s funeral. The picture shows King Charles with his wife Camilla and Prince William with his wife Kate — now the Princess of Wales. And although at first glance there is nothing in this picture that could cause a heated discussion, upon closer examination it turns out that this frame indicates noticeable changes. This was reported by the publication Just Jared.

Fans of the Royal Family were struck by the poses in which all four posed. The fact is that both Kate and Camilla allowed themselves to hug their spouses. And Charles III himself, to everyone’s surprise, also hugged his wife in response. But according to strict royal protocol, any informal manifestations of feelings are completely unacceptable at official events. Members of the British royal family should be located at a distance from each other.

In the past, Kate and William have been criticized more than once for allowing themselves, when appearing in public, gestures indicating their closeness.

But, as you can see, times are changing — the fans came to this conclusion. However, even before Elizabeth’s death, Charles hinted that much would change during his reign. Thus, the King intends to reduce the number of Members of the Royal Family actively performing their duties. And therefore, to deprive those who have fallen “under reduction” of their privileges, including financial maintenance. However, he has not yet managed to implement his plan. Except that he lowered Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in rank.

But Camilla has already managed to make a loud statement. She announced that she intended to get rid of her ladies-in-waiting, who had been an indispensable part of the royal courts for many hundreds of years. King Charles’s wife announced that this is outdated, and she wants to keep up with the times. And this seems to be just the beginning of the changes that await Britain under the new King.