Amber Heard used the Johnny Depp scandal and allegations of violence to promote «Aquaman»

Amber Heard used the Johnny Depp scandal and allegations of violence to promote «Aquaman» 1

The general counsel and executive director of the ACLU, with which Amber Heard collaborated, Terence Dougherty testified in court in the case of Heard and Depp. From Dougherty’s testimony, it is concluded that Heard used Johnny Depp’s accusations of domestic violence to promote the film “Aquaman” with her participation.

According to the witness, Amber Heard worked directly with the human rights organization on what would be said in the article accusing Depp of domestic violence, where it would be published, and when it would be released. In addition, Dougherty noted that the article was supposed to be released at a certain time — before the release of Aquaman.

“Posting articles on issues like this is bread and butter for the ACLU,” Terence Dougherty said in a video shown to jurors in a Fairfax courtroom.

Dougherty confirmed that the article was published in the Washington Post by the decision of the ACLU.

Johnny Depp’s lawyer drew attention to a fragment that said: “The goal is to publish an article this week to benefit from a huge campaign about Aquaman.” In response, Terence Dougherty stated that he remembers the agreement on the optimal time for the publication of the article, and also pointed out that this time was agreed with Amber Heard.

In conclusion, Terence Dougherty pointed out that Hurd has not yet paid half of the fee promised by the ACLU for such promotion services.

Earlier it became known that Amber Heard has confirmed two mental personality disorders.