A record number of Americans do not wish to see either Biden or Trump as presidential candidates

A record number of Americans do not wish to see either Biden or Trump as presidential candidates 1

US President Joe Biden is the undisputed favorite of the Democratic Party for the 2024 primaries, while Donald Trump remains the same for the Republicans. However, a record number of Americans do not want to see either of them in the White House. This was reported by CNN, on June 25.

A conducted survey showed that the proportion of those who have a negative view of both Trump and Biden (36%) is higher than the proportion of those who prefer Trump (33%) or Biden (32%).

If these numbers persist until the elections, it will be the highest level of disapproval of presidential candidates in the United States ever recorded.

By the end of April, the approval rating of Biden’s performance among Americans had dropped to a record low of 37%. Researchers attribute the decline to the state of the US economy.

On April 25th, Biden officially announced that he would run for a second term. He stated that every generation has moments when democracy needs to be defended, and now is the time.

On June 10th, Trump declared that he would continue his political activities despite facing another criminal case. He accused Biden of attempting to imprison his main political opponent because he is winning by a large margin in pre-election polls.

On April 22, The New York Times reported that no more than 47% of Democratic voters would like to see Biden’s name on the ballot, as he would be too old to effectively lead the country during his second presidential term.

Joe Biden, who is 80 years old, is the oldest president in U.S. history, and his health condition regularly becomes a topic of discussion and concern among citizens. His peculiar behavior and frequent mistakes have led many Americans to doubt his mental health. The politician has repeatedly confused the names of countries and stumbled during plane boarding, and more recently, Biden fell on stage during a graduation ceremony at the US Air Force Academy.