Will Smith could be stripped of the Oscars over the scandal

Will Smith could be stripped of the Oscars over the scandal 1

This year’s 94th Academy Awards ceremony of the highest award – “Oscar” was crowned with perhaps the biggest scandal in the history of the award. In any case, no matter what kind of relationship are the nominees and hosts of the event and whatever “poisonous” jokes they would have exchanged, it never came to violence. But this time, everyone in the audience, plus the audience of millions of viewers witnessed Will Smith slap comedian Chris Rock in the face as he announced one of the nominations. This scene angered many, including representatives of the Academy. And now there’s a serious debate about whether Smith should be stripped of the Best Actor Oscar he won tonight. That’s what New York Post reported.

Will Smith could be stripped of the Oscars over the scandal 3

The thing is, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has a very strict, perhaps too strict, code of conduct. According to him, no manifestation of any discrimination or violence is absolutely unacceptable. And as a high-ranking member of this organization has already stated, Will Smith’s actions cannot be construed as anything other than an assault. As the “academic” pointed out, this is unacceptable and could have far-reaching consequences for Will.

The good thing is that Smith is not facing jail time for his antics so far. As officially announced by an LAPD spokesperson, law enforcement has launched an investigation into the incident at the Oscars. However, the victim — that is, Chris Rock — has refused to press charges against Smith. But, as the police officer assured, if Mr. Rock subsequently changes his mind, an investigation will be launched into the case.

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Note that Will Smith’s behavior in slapping Chris Rock on stage shocked many. But, as it turned out, everyone witnessed the climax of the feud between the two actors, which began a long time ago. The fact that Chris, always distinguished by a very “sharp” language, not once allowed himself to make jokes about Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Thus, a few years ago, Jada, dissatisfied with the fact that the nominees were chosen only light-skinned actors, decided to boycott the Oscar. And Chris then joked that it would not be hard for her to do so because no one invited her to the ceremony. And later, after the Academy “defeated” Will “Oscar” for his role in the movie “Defender,” Rock teased again. He remarked then that it was a pity, of course, and obviously unfair that he was not nominated. Still, it’s no more unfair than the fact that Will gets paid so much for his work. That’s especially true of the $20 million Smith received for “Wild, Wild West,” which failed miserably at the box office and was ridiculed by critics. But if, until that night, both Smith and his wife pretended that Rock’s jokes didn’t bother them, now he’s “bursting.” And when Chris allowed himself to make a joke about Jada’s forced shaved head suffering from baldness, Will attacked him…