Crashed the car: Kate Middleton laughed at her spouse

Crashed the car: Kate Middleton laughed at her spouse 1

During their tour of the Caribbean, which Kate Middleton and Prince William are currently completing, they found time for more than just formal activities. They’ve already played drums at the Bob Marley Museum, practiced bobsledding, swam with sharks, and danced at a village fete. Now, during their visit to the Youth Military Training Center in Jamaica, they not only learned about the program and goals of this institution but also “played” on the car simulator, on which students of the center master driving skills. It was reported by

The roles of Kate and William were distributed in such a way that the prince had to “manage” the car, and Kate, meanwhile, could change the conditions of “driving” for him, complicating them. Which she did with undisguised pleasure. As O’Neil Haughton, one of the students who were present at the event, said, Kate did everything she could: she made treacherous potholes in the road, slippery pavement, poor lighting… Finally, she added a strong side wind, which resulted in the prince’s car crashing, flipping over several times. And, according to Haughton, after this “crash” Kate laughed long and heartily at William.

Note that fans of the royal family are not too surprised by the behavior of the Duchess. In fact, in the past, they have repeatedly noticed: the prince and the duchess enter into competition with each other at the first opportunity, and each of them is ready to fight for victory to the end. They have done just that at sailing regattas, soccer matches, cricket tournaments, ping-pong matches, and other sporting events in which they have been the guests of honor.

As for Kate and William’s visit to the center in Jamaica, the workers told the Prince and Duchess that the center aims to keep young people busy by teaching them new jobs as drivers and auto repairers, which would take them off the streets and help reduce crime. As Kate and William were told, more than three thousand people have already come to train here. That, the local authorities hope, will make the situation in the country less criminal.