Why was «Spider-Man» kicked out of his new job with a bang?

Why was «Spider-Man» kicked out of his new job with a bang? 1

Tom Holland did not stay long behind the counter of a London bar.

Visitors and regulars of one of the pubs in London could not believe their eyes. Behind the counter of a trendy bar in a snow-white tuxedo, a young man who looked like Spider-Man was conjuring over their favorite cocktails. As it turned out a couple of days later, it really was actor Tom Holland, the star of the latest superhero movie (which collected $750 million at the global box office), as well as the recently released action-adventure “Anchored: It doesn’t appear on the cards.” By the way, it is also very successful (having collected $45 million only for the first weekend), as it is believed thanks to Holland. The British star played the main role in it, originally intended for Mark Wahlberg.

And it was during the filming of this film about treasure hunters that Holland came up with the idea to get another profession – a bartender. His hero, therefore, became a super-successful adventurer because he learned a lot of things himself – including the work of a bartender.

Holland went to a bartending course and then managed to get a job incognito behind the counter of one of the London bars. But he only lasted a couple of evenings. The manager, surprised and annoyed by the increased attention to his establishment, exposed the actor and threw him out. Tom was even slightly offended. After all, he attracted so many new customers who rushed to this bar in order to be served by “Spider-Man” himself!