The Swedish princess reacted to rumors about her imminent divorce

The Swedish princess reacted to rumors about her imminent divorce 1

44-year-old Crown Princess Victoria and her husband, Prince Daniel, have made an official statement regarding her alleged impending divorce. The couple, who are extremely popular in their homeland and are not used to reacting to rumors around their personal life, felt that this was too much, and this time decided to break the silence.

Rumors about the infidelity of the spouse of the Crown Princess, which appeared on the Web, became so persistent that the heir to the throne and her husband were forced to speak out about it. Breaking the unwritten rule of the Swedish monarchs, Victoria and Daniel decided to make an official statement through their Instagram account.

“Recently, rumors have spread about betrayal in our marriage and planned divorce. We usually don’t comment on rumors or gossip… But in order to protect our family, we want to clarify this issue once and for all. These rumors are absolutely unfounded”,

— it is said in the address of the royal couple to their subjects, which they signed in an informal style — “Victoria and Daniel”.

Recall that the princess and her beloved got married in June 2019 in Stockholm. And they met in the mid-2000s — in a fitness center, where the future husband of the princess then worked as a trainer. After a long romance, they got engaged in 2009. Currently, the couple is raising two children: 9-year-old Princess Estelle, who is the next heir to the throne after her mother, and 5-year-old Prince Oscar.

Note that marriage almost cost Victoria her right to the throne. For seven whole years, her father, King Carl Gustaf, categorically objected to the marriage of his daughter with the son of a social worker. However, Victoria was able to insist on her own, claiming that she feels “like behind a stone wall” with him. Apparently, the love of Daniel and Victoria eventually softened the king’s heart, and he still gave the go-ahead for their marriage.