Trust is absent: Harry and Meghan learned about Kate’s cancer from the news, not from the family

Trust is absent: Harry and Meghan learned about Kate's cancer from the news, not from the family 1
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Prince Harry, along with his wife Meghan Markle, had previously expressed support for Kate Middleton when news of her cancer diagnosis surfaced. However, according to sources cited by the Daily Mail, Harry learned about the diagnosis through the news rather than directly from the family.

Speculation from tabloids suggests that amidst these concerning developments, there might be a chance for Prince Harry to mend his relationship with his family, particularly with his upcoming visit to London.

However, insiders suggest otherwise, indicating slim chances of reconciliation since Kate and William didn’t personally inform Harry about the news.

A royal expert revealed that Princess Kate preferred not to tell Harry and Meghan about her cancer because she ‘couldn’t trust them’.

According to one insider, William has always prioritized his family’s privacy and the protection of Kate and their children.

The Telegraph’s sources further indicate that Harry’s visit isn’t causing concern for the couple, given Kate’s health issues and King Charles III’s health problems. Harry’s presence is the least of their worries.

The rift between Prince William and his brother deepened after Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure from the UK, followed by several high-profile interviews and the release of Harry’s memoir titled “Spare,” where he made scandalous accusations against other members of the Royal Family.

Previously, Kate Middleton disclosed her cancer diagnosis in a video statement. Before this revelation, due to the sudden ‘disappearance’ of the Princess of Wales, numerous rumors were circulating about her health and ‘conspiracy theories’.