There are things you shouldn’t tell your man

There are things you shouldn’t tell your man 1
Photo by Cody Black on Unsplash

Women can sometimes be too open with their chosen one, trusting him completely. However, some things are better left unsaid to one’s man, as they can lead to a significant relationship deterioration or even a breakup.

Former Suitors

By sharing stories about past partners with your beloved, you give them reason to doubt you. Men are naturally jealous, and a sense of ownership is inherent in every representative of the stronger sex.

Often, men can easily “embellish” things that never even happened. For example, if there’s a photo of you with friends and someone puts their hand on your shoulder, in your beloved’s eyes, it could appear as a passionate affair.

And intimate details of your life before him can instantly sour the relationship. So be careful in discussing your admirers, even if they’re long gone and mean nothing to you now.

Little things that annoy you

Perhaps your beloved is sometimes careless, and his dirty shirt ends up not in the laundry basket, but in the closet. You might get upset about such trivial matters, but it’s wiser to simply overlook them.

If your man likes to watch football from morning till night on weekends? Well, that’s his interest, but at the same time, he doesn’t disappear far from you. Maybe it’s worth watching a football match together? The man’s reaction will be surprising!

Your complexes

“Look how much weight I’ve lost (or gained)!”. By expressing yourself this way in front of a man, a woman hopes for his support.

But if you keep endlessly talking to your partner about gaining extra pounds, eventually he will start seeing you through your own eyes.

Don’t be surprised if one day you hear from your beloved that you’ve got another crease on your waist. After all, you’ve drawn attention to it yourself!

The same goes for other imperfections. You’re almost notifying him by discussing them: “Look, I’m not such a beauty after all.” And you make him doubt his choice.

If you’re not confident in your attractiveness, he will also start to doubt it.


Even in jest. Sometimes women allow “petty” humiliations in relationships.

Let’s say a woman called a man “silly”. All right, he understood that it was a joke and didn’t take offense, but things could have turned out differently.

It might seem like nothing serious, but such words to your partner can gradually gain momentum.

Unattractive physical details

Short stature, protruding belly, baldness… There’s no need to talk about these features in a negative light. He should feel confident: to you, he’s the best! The only one, unique, exceptional.

This man is your choice. Don’t let your doubts become shared.

Your potential independence

Mentioning that you could easily do without him = breaking down the relationship.

Yes, we all can be independent. But let your man know how important he is to you, how he makes your life brighter and happier.

If you’re so independent, why should he care for you? Why bother to protect, support, and cherish you? The incentive to make an effort fades away, and his attention and care lose all meaning.