Key Signs That Your Relationship Won’t Last Long

When a relationship begins, it’s easy to “lose your head.” However, over time, emotions settle down, the honeymoon phase ends, and it’s easier to recognize signs that indicate the relationship is strong and could last a lifetime.

At this same stage of the relationship, signs may also appear that suggest the opposite — that your union is doomed to fail. Here are some signs to watch out for.

Your man avoids using the words ‘we’ and ‘our’

Observe couples who have been living together for a long time. The husband usually asks: Where should we go for the weekend? Where is our sports bag?

The man perceives himself and his partner as a single entity, an inseparable “we.” He says this unconsciously, without thinking.

When such words are absent, it indicates that a person sees themselves as separate. As an independent individual without obligations. You are on your own, and I am on my own.

He stays silent about his childhood

Childhood memories are personal. A man shares details only with close people.

When a partner ignores the topic of childhood, there is a reason to think. He believes that you don’t need to know such things because he doesn’t see you as a member of his family.

Is it worth being open with such a partner, revealing your soul, and building a relationship?

Always takes his/her belongings

A serious man behaves differently: he “forgets” his clothes, laptop, and other items at your place. He buys a second set of shaving supplies and asks for a spot on the bathroom shelf. This way, the man has a reason to return, to meet you again.

When a beloved keeps the minimum of his things at your place and always takes them with him, any of your dates could be the last.

The same can be said if a man tries to return the things that he finds at his home. This is how men avoid responsibility. There is another reason. For example, your perfumes and creams should not be accidentally seen by other girls. Why would he need physical evidence?

He doesn’t ask about anything, isn’t interested in anything

Beautiful love words are wonderful. But what about heart-to-heart conversations?

The partner doesn’t ask what you dream about, what you plan to do tomorrow, in a month, or a year. This is a bad sign. You are not in his plans.

Doesn’t talk about problems

In serious relationships, a man trusts his “other half.” He wants her to listen, support, and give advice. But this happens when a couple has been together for quite a while. If you recently met, a normal man won’t burden you with his problems.

Suppose you have known your partner for more than a few months. But he remains silent, and refuses support, even though he needs it. This means he doesn’t trust you. What kind of future together can you talk about?

Always busy

You ask your beloved for help, but he refuses, citing urgent matters. He cancels dates. He declines phone calls — “it’s inconvenient to talk” — and doesn’t call back. Furthermore, he suddenly cuts off a conversation mid-sentence because he urgently needs to go somewhere.

A loving man is usually ready to help his woman. Yes, sometimes there are emergencies at work. Nevertheless, he is happy to communicate with his beloved at any time of the day.

Such behavior can be defined by two phrases: “I am sometimes busy” and “I am always busy for you.” Do you feel the difference? Draw your conclusions.