The simple question ‘What do you do?’ caught Prince Harry off guard

The simple question 'What do you do?' caught Prince Harry off guard 1
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Prince Harry faced a moment of unease when confronted with a seemingly straightforward question during his documentary series, “Heart of Invictus.” The query, “What do you do?” momentarily caught the 39-year-old Duke of Sussex off guard, resulting in an unexpected stumble in his response, as reported by The Express.

The Netflix documentary, spanning five parts, centered on the preparations of organizers and athletes for the previous year’s Invictus Games. In a notable moment from the show, an interviewer asked, “What’s your name?” to which Harry, in his characteristic manner, simply replied, “My name’s Harry.”

However, when probed about his occupation, the Prince faced a fleeting struggle. After a brief pause, he offered, “What do I do? Well… on any given day, I’m a father of two under-three-year-olds. I also care for a couple of dogs. I am a husband. And I serve as the founding patron of the Invictus Games Foundation.”

“There’s lots of hats that one wears, but I believe today is all about Invictus.”

While the documentary aired in August, the attention has now shifted toward Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they anticipate a potentially ‘seismic’ 2024, a year that could significantly impact the couple’s public image.

Beginning with the controversial release of journalist Omid Scobie’s book “Endgame” and culminating with Harry’s ongoing legal battle to reinstate taxpayer-funded security, the public perception of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex remains under intense scrutiny.

Expressing concern, crisis manager Mark Borkovski emphasized the importance of the year 2024, stating: “Something is beginning to unwind at the heart of Meghan and Harry. I believe 2024 could mark a defining moment, either propelling them forward with a new, positive strategy or leading to potential repercussions for their brand.”

He emphasized the dual nature of the situation, noting that their current approach appears unsustainable and stressed the vital need for a revamped direction.