Oprah Winfrey admitted to taking weight-loss medications

Oprah Winfrey admitted to taking weight-loss medications 1
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Oprah Winfrey surprised many with her new look, showcasing a slimmer figure at social events. The 69-year-old TV host previously admitted to losing more than 40lbs (18 kg) in recent months and has now given an interview to People Magazine, where she talked about how she managed to achieve this.

Winfrey struggled with excess weight her entire life due to a genetic predisposition and worried about how people perceived her because of it.

Approaching her 70th birthday, Winfrey now understands the path to maintaining a healthy weight. She consulted a doctor for advice and shed excess weight thanks to prescribed weight loss medication, physical exercises, and lifestyle changes after a knee operation significantly improved her mobility.

She openly admitted that before Thanksgiving, she was taking prescribed weight-loss medications, and it helped her prevent significant weight gain.

However, Oprah emphasizes that this wasn’t a magical solution or the sole means for her; she couldn’t have lost weight relying solely on a medically approved prescription for managing weight.

For Oprah, her new weight isn’t just numbers; it’s also progress and rediscovered satisfaction. Living in Hawaii, she conquered a big hill she had long wanted to climb and felt that her life had changed and become fulfilling.