The royal biographer commented on Prince Harry’s revelations: ‘He is very ill’

The royal biographer commented on Prince Harry's revelations: 'He is very ill' 1

Viewers of the GB News show saw an interview, which, could not help but spoil the mood of Prince Harry. We are talking about the appearance on the TV show of the royal biographer, Angela Levin. This was reported by the publication

Angela Levin, a well-known British journalist, winner of several literary awards, and author of nine biographical books, including a number of biographies of members of the royal family, decided to share her perspective on Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare” and on his tell-all interviews. Moreover, her statement on this topic has already caused a scandal.

Levin stated that, in her opinion, “Harry is very ill” and “in real, real trouble”. Angela believes that the prince got into a desperate situation: he had a painful fixation on his wife Meghan.

And in an effort to make her happy, he is willing to do anything. He has already betrayed his homeland, his family, and his duty for the sake of it… But this is not enough for Meghan, and he can never make her happy. And the feeling that he is at a dead end destroys his mental balance.

According to Levin, she has had quite a lot of personal contact with Harry in the past — she talked to him during the preparation of her books. This happened in 2017 and early 2018, that is, before the prince’s marriage to Meghan. And according to the journalist, reading fragments of his book, she came to the conclusion that he had changed dramatically since she met him.

Angela Levin stated that there is no trace of the former cheerful and positive Harry…

According to Levin, the Prince is changing for the worse just before our eyes. He no longer behaves like an adult but like an unbalanced teenager. And it will only get worse, because, according to Angela, the psychologist who works with him, it seems, was not up to his mission.