The culinary show of Meghan Markle on Netflix may disappoint fans. There are reasons for that…

The culinary show of Meghan Markle on Netflix may disappoint fans. There are reasons for that… 1
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As recently revealed, the new culinary show of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, for Netflix will not be filmed at their luxurious estate in Montecito. Instead, the organizers rented another house in their area. The Daily Mail reports this.

According to Richard Eden, this will disappoint fans who hoped to get a closer look at her home where she lives with Prince Harry and their children.

For the first time, the former actress is set to star in a “solo series” described as a show that “celebrates the joys of cooking and gardening, entertainment, and friendship.” The series was announced last month, shortly after the Duchess of Sussex announced the launch of the American Riviera Orchard brand.

However, instead of filming the new series on their vast property, it is claimed that another property in their affluent neighborhood will be used for filming. An insider of the publication reported, “Netflix has rented a house in Montecito for filming.”

This news will likely “disappoint its fans hoping to get a glimpse inside” the Sussexes’ family home, which includes nine bedrooms and 19 bathrooms. It is said that this luxurious home also features a gym, a bar, and a garage big enough to accommodate five cars.

But that’s not all.

The children of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Archie, and Princess Lilibet, will not appear in new Netflix projects, although Meghan isn’t against it. The Sun reports this.

If you think about it, the appearance of their children on this show could have been the “highlight” of the entire project. The audience has long been tired of her and Harry’s continuous attacks on the Royal Family and is rapidly losing interest in them.

Archie and Lilibet’s charm and immediacy on the show could attract a larger audience.

But Prince Harry is against it. He knows from his bitter experience how awful it is when a child, as it was with him, is made a ‘public figure,’ depriving him of a normal childhood. He is against putting his family life on display.

It became clear that the spouses’ views on this issue are opposite.

“In this case, Harry won,” said an insider.

Reminding, Megyn Kelly, a well-known American host and commentator, criticized the “authenticity” of the Duchess of Sussex’s endeavors, drawing a comparison to Martha Stewart’s genuine culinary expertise. Kelly questioned Meghan’s qualifications for such pursuits, labeling the entire endeavor as fraudulent.

A little earlier, a brand promising to reflect Meghan’s love for family cooking, entertainment, and home decor has already sparked criticism from royal expert Tom Bower.

The expert believes that the entire brand is blatant speculation on her royal status, despite Harry and Meghan previously promising the late Queen that they would not commercialize their royal titles.