Charlotte Griffiths: Meghan Markle ‘desperately wants to be in the spotlight’

Charlotte Griffiths: Meghan Markle 'desperately wants to be in the spotlight' 1
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During a recent public appearance at the Royal Salute Polo Challenge event in Wellington, Florida, Meghan Markle found herself in an awkward situation caught on camera. As Prince Harry posed for a photo with the winning trophy, Meghan directed a woman not to stand beside him, subtly but unmistakably asserting her place in the frame. The Express reports this.

Royal expert Charlotte Griffiths, the chief editor of The Mail on Sunday, interpreted this incident as a defining moment – ‘mask slipped,’ and Megan’s true essence came to the forefront.

Griffiths observed that Meghan seemed to have a clear vision of how she wanted the photo to appear, orchestrating the composition with what she described as a “photographic mind.”

In the footage, Meghan can be seen guiding the woman away from Harry, positioning her beside herself instead. Griffiths remarked on the meticulous choreography of the moment, noting Meghan’s repeated gestures and vocal instructions to ensure the desired arrangement.

This behavior, according to Griffiths, is not isolated. She recalled a similar incident from 2022 where the Duchess of Sussex attempted to maneuver herself to the forefront of an event, only to be thwarted by the crowded surroundings.

This pattern, Griffiths suggested, illustrates Meghan’s persistent desire to be at the center of attention, even if it means subtly manipulating situations to achieve that goal.