Taylor Swift secretly got engaged to her lover

Taylor Swift secretly got engaged to her lover 1

Taylor Swift has finally decided to take her relationship to a new level. As confirmed to the publication Life and Style friends of the singer, she got engaged to her beloved 30-year-old actor Joe Alvin.

Roman Swift, who celebrated her 32nd birthday in December last year, became known in the spring of 2017. In fact, she met Alvin a year earlier, having met him at the Met Gala. However, at that time she was not free Taylor was going through a stormy, though not a too long-lasting affair with actor Tom Huddleston. And only after she broke up with Tom in the fall of 2016, did Swift begins a romantic relationship with Alvin.

Taylor Swift secretly got engaged to her lover 3

Her two previous romances with Huddleston and Calvin Harris became the subject of constant discussions in the media, which Taylor did not like very much. Therefore, she decided not to advertise her relationship with Alvin. So, as the singer proudly stated later, she managed to maintain the “privacy” of her affair with Joe. Although they both had to put a lot of effort into it. In fact, for a long time, the couple successfully managed to hide even from the paparazzi they rarely managed to be photographed together.

One of their first pictures together was taken in Nashville, where they were drinking coffee on a hotel balcony. At the same time, it became known that Swift rented a house next to Alvin’s apartment in London. And in early 2018, the couple, according to rumors, began to live together. And at the event, they were photographed together for the first time only in January 2019, at a party held after the Golden Globes. Then a month later, in February, at the after party of the BAFTA Award ceremony, which is called the British “Oscar”. At the same time, Taylor and Joe’s official debut on the red carpet has not taken place so far.

But lately, Swift has at least stopped categorically refusing to talk about her beloved in an interview. So, she said that Alvin, who, in addition to acting, also had musical talent, became a co-author of several of her songs. At the same time, the singer said that Joe, who plays the piano just fine, inspires her to be creative. And during the pandemic quarantine that Taylor and Alvin spent together, they wrote a lot of music.