Queen Elizabeth commented on the state of her health

Queen Elizabeth commented on the state of her health 1

Recently, the British do not often see their queen. But recently, new pictures taken during the official event appeared on the official Instagram of Buckingham Palace. And the way Elizabeth looked and held herself, very upset her subjects and fans of the royal family. The monarch could hardly stand on her feet and could not even hide it. This was reported by the publication Express.

Elizabeth’s audience, which took place in Windsor, was held on the occasion of the inauguration of the new head of the Security Service — Major General Eldon Millar. The Queen met him in the so-called Oak Room of the palace, dressed up for the occasion of the reception: she complemented the geometric print dress with her favorite pearl necklace and diamond brooch. Elizabeth tried to appear cheerful, but she failed. Having tried to take only a couple of steps towards the general with her shuffling gait, she failed. After that, the queen gave up her attempts and stopped, leaning heavily on the cane with both hands.

And when a worried Millar politely asked how Her Majesty was feeling, she replied with a nervous laugh, pointing to her feet:

“As you can see, I can’t move!”

Recall that for the first time the 95-year-old queen allowed herself to appear in public leaning on a cane, in October last year. Then this fact, as well as the mysterious hospitalization of the queen that followed, seriously worried her subjects. But then Elizabeth seemed to get a little better. In any case, she appeared at the following events without a cane.

However, despite the anxiety about leg problems, the British were still happy to see the Queen. This reception gave them the opportunity to make sure that at least she did not get sick with COVID-19. After all, last week it became known that her son Charles had contracted the coronavirus, and he met with the queen just a couple of days before his symptoms appeared. Moreover, he was not the only one who got sick: a couple of days later it became known that the test of his wife Camilla also turned out to be positive.