Prince Louis’ reaction to the Queen’s death moved fans to tears

Prince Louis' reaction to the Queen's death moved fans to tears 1

On September 8, Queen Elizabeth II died. The monarch passed away at the age of 96. For all members of the royal family, Elizabeth’s death was a real tragedy. Everyone grieves in their own way, even Prince William’s children. The youngest son, 4-year-old Louis, reacted in an adult way to the passing of his great-grandmother.

“Louis said, don’t worry Mom, at least now great-grandmother will meet great-grandfather”,

— quotes the words of Kate Middleton edition Page Six.

Kate told fans about this at the laying of flowers at Windsor Castle. There she appeared accompanied by her husband, Prince William, and also together with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Members of the royal family, apparently, decided to declare a temporary truce, uniting in such a tragic period of their lives.

The words of little Louis touched the fans.

“What a wise baby!”, “The truth speaks through the mouth of a baby!”, “I cry after Louis’ words, it’s so touching that he said”, “What a cute baby, supports his family”,

— fans wrote on social networks.

Recall that Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip, died last year, not having lived to his 100th birthday for only two months. Philip was known as a sharp-tongued member of the royal family. His jokes and statements on the verge were sometimes shocking. Nevertheless, Philip always supported the queen in everything, becoming her support for a long 73 years (that’s how long their marriage lasted).