James Cameron talks about the filming of ‘Avatar 4’

James Cameron talks about the filming of ‘Avatar 4’ 1

James Cameron announced the start of production on the fourth “Avatar” even before the official premiere of the sequel to “Avatar” in 2009. The director said that the second film is almost ready to premiere. Now the picture team is working on visual effects. “Avatar 2” will premiere in the cinema on December 14, 2022.

The shooting of the third part of “Avatar” is in full swing, Collider reports citing James Cameron. He also revealed that “Avatar 2” will return Colonel Quaritch, who was the main villain in the first part of “Avatar.” The man died in the 2009 film, but in the sequel to the story, he will appear on the screen as an improved Avatar.

The new avatars were created at company RDA, and their personalities will be implanted with the memories of the fallen soldiers and their experiences. Also in Avatar 2, Earthlings will build a new fortified city, saturated with troops and factories for the production of various weapons. A powerful corporation returns to Pandora to seize the planet’s resources.

Actress Sigourney Weaver, 72, was turned into a 15-year-old teenager named Kiri in the Avatar sequel. Sigourney Weaver played the adopted daughter of the characters Jake and Neytiri. The actress admitted that she gladly accepted the challenge of James Cameron and went “back 60 years”. She tried to convey all the emotions inherent in children of that age.

14 years after the story of the first part, the main character, played by Sam Worthington, along with his beloved, the warrior Neytiri, protects his family from the invasion of military forces from Earth under the leadership of greedy businessmen. Together with old friends and new allies, they join the war for the planet Pandora. The basis of the plots of future “Avatars” until the fifth film will be the protection and preservation of the seas.

Avatar 4’s release date is tentatively set for December 18, 2026.