Prince Harry has exhausted the patience of the British…

Prince Harry has exhausted the patience of the British… 1

There is a growing social movement in Britain advocating to deprive Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their titles. This movement already has many thousands of supporters, and the further it goes, the more they become. A particularly sharp jump in the growth of those who want King Charles to deprive Harry and Meghan of the right to be called Prince and Duchess occurred when it became known that an abstract of the Prince’s memoirs had appeared and their name became known. This was reported by the publication In Touch.

As the name implies, and the Prince titled his book, which will appear on store shelves in January 2023, with the harsh word “Spare”, Harry decided to tell the whole world how he was treated terribly in the royal family and what unpleasant things were going on there in general. The prince clearly decided not to limit himself to complaining that he had always been considered a “spare” heir, unlike his brother William.

As follows from the annotation, the youngest son of the newly-made King Charles has prepared a lot of new accusations against the Royal Family. At the same time, Harry found it necessary to emphasize that he “wrote this book not as the Prince he was born, but as the man he has now become.” And this was perceived by many Britons as the fact that he no longer considers himself a Prince.

However, in fact, whether he considers himself a Prince or not, even the king cannot deprive him of this title: Harry is a Prince by the right of his birth. But as for the ducal title granted to him after his wedding to Megan by the late Elizabeth II, Charles has the right to deprive him without any doubt. Another thing is whether he wants to do it.

Prince Harry has exhausted the patience of the British… 3

Meanwhile, many quite authoritative figures — such as the expert on the Royal Family Tom Bower – in their public speeches urge Charles to take away the title from his youngest son. Bower argues that Meghan and Harry have been making money for more than two years by throwing mud at members of the monarch’s family. According to the expert, since the Prince and his wife, among other things, also announced that they had left the Royal Family and no longer live in Britain, it is generally unclear why they still use their titles.

However, it is still difficult to say whether King Charles will take such a radical step. Most likely, he will wait until he can read Harry’s book – after all, the Prince refused to provide him with the manuscript of his memoirs before their publication. And if everything turns out to be as bad as expected — in terms of the reputation of the Royal Family and the monarchy as a whole will be damaged, then the King can go to extreme measures. Apparently, the fate of his children, Archie and Lilibet, will depend on what William’s younger brother wrote. After all, after their grandfather became king, they had to become a prince and a princess, which Meghan and Harry are so eager for. However, Charles has not yet confirmed their titles by his decree. And now he may not confirm it…