Not a word of truth: Kate Middleton’s friend refuted Meghan Markle’s words

Not a word of truth: Kate Middleton's friend refuted Meghan Markle's words 1

Although in the first three episodes of his documentary series Meghan Markle and Harry have poured a torrent of accusations against members of the Royal Family, none of the relatives of the late Queen has yet reacted to the allegations of the Prince and the Duchess. And Kate Middleton and her husband William not only do not want to respond to all the attacks of the younger brother of the heir to the throne and his wife: they chose to ignore the series altogether.

According to insiders close to the royal palace, the Prince and Princess of Wales don’t even watch Meghan and Harry’s creations. But people who know the Princess of Wales well thought it was right to stand up for Kate.

One of Meghan’s attacks, which aimed to expose William’s wife in a negative light, and to attract the sympathy of the public, was her story about the first meeting with Kate. As Markle told in the series, the deep differences between her and the family, which she had yet to enter, were revealed when William and his wife first came to visit Meghan and Harry.

According to Markle, she didn’t care too much about how she would look and how she would behave. Therefore, she met the guests barefoot and in torn jeans and immediately, almost from the threshold, rushed to hug them. According to the Duchess, for her, it all seemed normal and natural because she always adored hugging. However, both Kate and William reacted to her hugs more than restrained, because, as Markle stated, they are both cold people who are not capable of showing human feelings.

However, as one of Kate’s girlfriends told Woman’s Day, Meghan is simply slandering the Princess of Wales. Middleton, according to a friend, has always been a very warm and friendly person and loves hugging friends when meeting. The statement of Kate’s friend was supported by the butler Grant Harrold who worked at the palace for 7 years.

He said that from the very first moment, he saw Middleton when Kate was not yet William’s wife, she was always extremely polite and friendly with everyone. But at the same time, she was also cheerful – she loved to laugh and joke with everyone.

As for Kate herself, who, apparently, found it beneath her dignity to justify herself about Meghan’s accusations, she is now, moreover, simply not up to it. After all, a very important event for her is to take place, one of the main organizers of which she is – a Christmas concert in Westminster Cathedral dedicated to the memory of the late Queen Elizabeth.

At the same time, Harry and Meghan, who knew about the scheduled event in advance, not only did not take any part in it. They, which angered fans of the Royal Family, it was on the day of the concert that they scheduled the screening of the second portion of their slanderous, as the Britons believe, series.