Meghan Markle and Prince Harry become the laughingstock of Hollywood, claims a royal expert

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry become the laughingstock of Hollywood, claims a royal expert 1
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s hopes for a bright new life in America, which they harbored four years ago, seem to be crumbling. Currently, the couple is experiencing a record decline in their popularity.

However, this is just the beginning— a genuine catastrophe may await them, according to experts, as there is less than a year left until the expiration of their contract with the streaming giant Netflix, their main source of income. This was reported by The Mirror.

At the Golden Globe Awards the Duke and Duchess of Sussex faced harsh criticism from comedian Jo Koy, who claims they are “earning millions from Netflix for inaction.”

The stance taken now by Netflix officials is understandable. They pointed out to Harry and Meghan that they will have to create more content that genuinely interests viewers to justify the colossal sums—both the ones they have already received and the remaining portion.

It’s worth noting that in early 2020, Meghan and Harry struck a deal with Netflix for $100 million, with half of it being an upfront payment.

However, despite the Prince and Duchess committing to produce a large volume of content—animated and documentary films—the result was disheartening.

Their documentary series, aired from late 2022 to early 2023, failed to even make it into the top 200 most successful Netflix shows. The series about Harry’s Invictus Games for military personnel wounded in action was not more successful. Moreover, Meghan’s animated show “Pearl” was outright canceled.

In all these years the spouses have by and large never achieved anything. Now, not only is signing a new contract in question but even the question of whether they will be paid the remaining part of the existing agreement.

Meanwhile, Meghan and Harry have already suffered losses, losing a contract with another streaming service—Spotify—for which they agreed to produce podcasts. The service’s management decided that the couple did too little, and the material they created did not generate the expected interest.

To make matters worse, one of the project managers, after working with Meghan and Harry, publicly called them “lazy and frauds.”

So, if the Prince and Duchess fail to sign new contracts, it could lead them to complete runs.