Donald Trump has developed ‘mysterious red spots’ on his hand. What is the reason?

Donald Trump has developed 'mysterious red spots' on his hand. What is the reason? 1
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On the palm of former US President Donald Trump, “red spots” were noticed. They attracted attention when, on Wednesday, January 17, he waved to supporters during a greeting, as reported by Business Insider.

During the greeting of supporters, the politician waved his right hand towards the cameras and showed “spots” on the index and middle fingers, as well as on the top of the palm.

Users on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) noted that the former president did not have these “spots” on his hands when he spoke on January 16, and have made several assumptions about what could have caused the mentioned “spots”.

Some suspect that the former president has “hand herpes” or perhaps he recently had a fall. It is noted that by the evening, these “spots” had disappeared, as Trump’s palms appeared clean in the evening photos from the press conference.

“Making an accurate diagnosis based solely on one photo is challenging; one can only make assumptions,” stated Dr. Joshua Zeichner, an associate professor of dermatology at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, listed four possible causes for “the rashes” on Trump.

One of them is the dryness of the hands.

Zeichner stated that dryness is the most common cause of the appearance of blisters and sores. It can be acquired due to weather conditions or excessive handwashing, as Trump claimed to be a “germophobe,” meaning a person afraid of microbes.

Zeichner also recalled Trump’s love for golf. Therefore, according to a dermatologist, “blisters” could be caused by “friction from activities such as golf, heavy athletics, or baseball.”

Additionally, the doctor mentioned lime juice as one of the reasons. According to Dr., lime juice can cause a chemical burn on the skin under the influence of sunlight. This process is also known as “Margarita burn.”

The dermatologist also noted that a “rash” on the hands can be caused by practically anything, for example, even insect bites.

As a reminder, 91 charges have been brought against Trump in four criminal cases. Among other things, these charges include the illegal handling of classified documents, attempts to falsify election results, and the unlawful expenditure of funds collected for the presidential campaign.