Keepers of traditions: the Britons named the best royal couple

Keepers of traditions: the Britons named the best royal couple 1

In the UK, they decided to conduct a survey in which they determined the best royal couple in the field of observing traditions. The survey was conducted by People’s Polling for GB News.

According to the results of the voting, the British named the best couple the Prince and Princess of Wales for whom 54% of Englishmen voted. The Dukes of Sussex were supported by only 7% of the British.

When it comes to the feud between the younger members of the royal family, there is no doubt that William and Catherine, Prince and Princess of Wales, are perceived by most of the country as Britain’s best values. Unfortunately for Harry and Meghan, they are almost invisible,

  • said Professor and sociologist Matt Goodwin, adding that only 22% of respondents have a positive attitude towards Harry and Meghan.

By the way, the survey revealed a difference in the opinions of Britons of different age categories. Among the older age group, 70% support Kate and William, while only 2% support Meghan and Harry. There is a lot of division in the younger age categories: 13% have already voted for Harry and Meghan there.

The Britons also spoke out about whether to invite Meghan and Harry to the coronation of Charles in May 2023. About 25% answered “no”, then 39% spoke positively.