It’s already starting to scare: Britney Spears posted a strange video

It's already starting to scare: Britney Spears posted a strange video 1

The latest publications of the 41-year-old Britney Spears so confused her fans that they were “on the verge”. However, the new trick of the star is already seriously causing concern about her mental state.

On Friday, Britney shared a video with her Instagram followers that confused them. Thanks to this publication, shocked fans of the singer had the opportunity to see how Britney drinks champagne from a bottle and eats cake right off the floor. This video appeared, in particular, on the website of the publication Page Six.

“All this week it’s my birthday!”

  • this is how Sam’s wife Asghari commented on her behavior.

Note that the new publication was the first after the next removal of Spears’ page from the social network, which has happened twice recently. At first, Britney was saying that I did it twice allegedly by accident, by mistake by pressing the wrong button. But now Britney has honestly admitted that she did it intentionally.

Some fans even decided that the singer was experiencing such an acute thirst for universal attention that she was trying to get it in every possible way.

By the way, before that Spears had already caused concern to fans by filling her page with photos in seminude, and then in the nude. Also, quite recently Spears told the whole world, also through a social network, that she “Married again – to herself.”

If we take all this into account, then from the side the actions of the singer do not look very adequate. Britney herself claims that she simply enjoys the freedom she has been striving for 13 years, being under the care of Jamie Spears.

It's already starting to scare: Britney Spears posted a strange video 3

However, fans fear that her mental illness has worsened, because of which Spears has already been hospitalized several times. The situation is complicated by the fact that after being “freed from slavery”, that is, the custody of her father, Britney is no longer controlled by anyone. After all, apparently, her young husband has no influence on his wife and cannot help her in any way.