Joe Biden rejected Trump’s idea of immunity from lawsuits for U.S. Presidents

Joe Biden rejected Trump's idea of immunity from lawsuits for U.S. Presidents 1
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Joe Biden has stated that he sees no reason why Presidents could be exempt from judicial prosecution. Earlier, the US Supreme Court declined to fast-track a decision on Trump’s immunity case.

During a press briefing in Washington on December 24th, Biden expressed his stance, stating that he sees no justification for U.S. Presidents to possess absolute immunity from legal prosecution, as reported by Bloomberg. He noted that he couldn’t “think of a single reason” to believe otherwise.

This is Biden’s comment on former President Donald Trump’s demand for immunity from legal proceedings regarding the attempt to overturn his defeat in the 2020 elections. Trump requested an immediate review of this issue by the Supreme Court, but it declined to do so.

The corresponding charges against the former president were brought in August. His defense sought to dismiss the criminal case, arguing that Trump was working to “ensure the integrity of the elections” within his official duties as President and therefore was shielded by “presidential immunity,” but the court rejected the lawyers’ arguments.

This case marks the fourth one concerning Trump. The former President has dismissed all charges brought against him and labeled his prosecution as political.

Biden previously stated that Trump was responsible for the Capitol riot by his supporters who disagreed with the election results.

However, Bloomberg reports that Biden did not support the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to prohibit Trump from participating in primaries within the state’s territory.

Besides the American state of Colorado, 16 other states in the USA have filed lawsuits demanding to prevent former President Donald Trump from participating in the 2024 presidential elections. The New York Times reported this, citing the database of the Lawfare.