In Esther Krakue’s opinion, the reason behind Harry and Meghan’s ‘failures’ lies in a simple rule

In Esther Krakue's opinion, the reason behind Harry and Meghan's 'failures' lies in a simple rule 1
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Commentator Esther Krakue offered advice to the “California Royals”. Ms. Krakue, known for her sharp tongue, claims that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle overlooked a crucial Royal Family strategy, resulting in setbacks for their Hollywood ambitions. This was reported by The Daily Express.

The inability of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to adhere to the Windsor tradition of “never explain, never complain” diminished their “star power” and led to constant media criticism of the couple and a deterioration of their image.

Despite past successes, their recent setbacks and lack of adherence to the Royal Family’s dignified approach have led to a decline in support from Hollywood circles.

Even with Harry’s successful memoirs and the 2023 Invictus Games, their overall image suffered due to a perceived disregard for royal principles. The commentator insists that the Sussexes’ reputation has solidified negatively throughout 2023.

The biggest failure was the termination of a lucrative $20 million contract with Spotify, as well as the subsequent public condemnation by the podcast producer, who labeled Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as ‘a couple of slackers and swindlers’. Furthermore, the Archewell Foundation faced substantial losses in donations.

Their declining public perception seems to affect all associated with them, including their foundation. The commentator believes that the Sussexes couldn’t grasp what has enabled the Royal Family to endure, and this affects the desired outcome.

Ms Krakue’s statements came after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were named among the ‘biggest losers’ of 2023 by The Hollywood Reporter, a highly regarded publication in the industry.

The edition criticized the Sussexes’ Netflix documentary and the memoir ‘Spare’ as ‘whiny,’ and they labeled the couple’s brand as a ‘sanctimonious bubble waiting to burst.’

Meghan Markle has become a client of WME (the oldest talent agency in the world), which is attempting to find new earning opportunities for her.

However, all well-known major brands avoid collaborating with the couple (especially after terminating the contract with Spotify), fearing to damage their relationships with the British Royal Family.

During the summer, there were rumors that Meghan Markle could become the new face of Dior, but recently it became known that the renowned brand is opting for 21-year-old actress Meg Bellamy, who plays a young Kate Middleton in the series ‘The Crown’.