It became known what would Kate Middleton’s daughter like to become

It became known what would Kate Middleton's daughter like to become 1

Princess Charlotte, the six-year-old daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton, is already making plans about what she will do in the future. According to the laws of England, in the future, when her brother Prince George becomes king, she will have a unique title – Charlotte will become a crown princess. But as it turns out, Kate Middleton’s daughter doesn’t dream of titles at all. According to an insider close to the royal family, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would like to become a nurse. This was reported by the English-language publication Woman’s Day.

Apparently, this decision the future crown princess was pushed to by the illness of her beloved great-grandmother – 95-year-old Elizabeth II, who recently had a coronavirus. Given the age of the queen, the disease has caused serious concern among all members of the royal family. Charlotte also was not left out, she was very worried about Elizabeth, supporting the “great-grandmother” touching drawings with wishes for a speedy recovery. However, Charlotte’s dreams began at the very beginning of the pandemic. According to a source, William and Kate’s daughter was then inspired by the work of nurses. She called the nurses who fought the virus “heroes” and longed to be like them. And when Elizabeth fell ill, the young princess became convinced of her wish.

As for the queen herself, as soon as the illness receded and Elizabeth ceased to be a danger to others, the first thing she did was rush to be reunited with her family. After recovering from her illness, Elizabeth met at Windsor with the entire family of her 39-year-old eldest grandson William and adored great-grandchildren. Recall that in addition to Charlotte, the prince and his wife have two other sons: Princes George and Louis. By the way, it has recently become known that William’s entire family is planning to move closer to the queen – to Windsor. After the loss of her husband Philip last April, she needs the support of her loved ones more than ever.