‘I’m not a bank’: why Prince Charles stopped returning Prince Harry’s calls

'I'm not a bank': why Prince Charles stopped returning Prince Harry's calls 1

After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to the United States, their communication with members of the Royal Family almost came to naught. The couple’s relationship with Prince Charles has deteriorated especially noticeably.

According to the publication The Mirror, Elizabeth II did everything possible to build a relationship of trust between her eldest son and grandson. However, the Duke of Sussex took advantage of his grandmother’s trust when his father stopped returning his phone calls.

“The late Queen was always happy to talk to Harry, but when he asked for money, she said: “Why don’t you talk to your father about it?” Then Harry confessed to her that Charles was no longer answering him,” the source said.

The Queen then tried to solve the problem with conversation. And when the queen asked her son and heir to the throne why he only responds to Harry’s emails but doesn’t talk to him, Charles is said to have replied, “Because I am not a bank,” the insider added.

Family members, including Prince William, stopped talking to Prince Harry when they learned of his memoir. The monarchs feared the book would be a blow to the monarchy’s reputation. “Harry is not as good as many people think. He wanted money,” the insider added.

According to the Daily Mail, the royal court has already been warned that the 416-page book is “critical of everyone and everything,” and Buckingham Palace is “dreading” the publication’s release.

It is expected that the prince’s relatives could face serious criticism if Harry does touch on “the most controversial aspects of royal life in recent decades” in his memoir.